How much is RTS?


Distance Fare
1 mile or less from origin $1.50
1 – 3 miles $1.75
3 – 20 miles $2.00
Over 20 miles $4.00

How much is a monthly bus pass in Rochester New York?

Monthly Pass – Full Fare: $35.

How do I pay for RTS?

RTS Go is available as a reloadable card or on your mobile phone through Transit app. RTS Go allows us to offer “fare capping” — when you use RTS Go, you’ll never pay more than $3 in a day or $56 in a month ($1.50 or $28 for reduced fare customers).

How do I ride the RTS bus?

Get Ready

  1. Get There Early: Plan to be at your bus stop five minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  2. Step Back: Stand back from the curb when the bus approaches.
  3. Take Your Time: Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and for the doors to open before you try to board.
  4. Get Comfy: Pay your fare.

Are UF busses free?

UF students, faculty and staff may ride RTS public transportation fare- free by presenting a Gator 1 card. RTS offers multiple bus routes on campus with service to every area of the University, as well as routes throughout the City of Gainesville.

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What is the full form of RTS?

RTS Real Time Strategy Governmental » Military — and more
RTS Request To Send Academic & Science » Electronics — and more
RTS Ready To Send Computing » Networking — and more
RTS Royal Television Society Community » News & Media
RTS Russian Trading System Business » General Business — and more


How much is a monthly bus pass UK?


One Day Bus & Tram Pass 7 Day Bus & Tram Pass Monthly Bus & Tram Pass
£5.20 £21.90 £84.10

Are Gainesville buses free?

Public Transportation in Gainesville Riding the bus is free with a Gator1 ID or Santa Fe College student ID. Regular adult one way cash fare is $1.50.

How much is the bus in Rochester?

Bus fare is $2.00 per single ride cash ticket, $1.00 for youth 6-18 years. One free transfer per trip issued to fare-paying riders at time of boarding. This transfer must be completed using the first available bus to complete your one-way trip.

Is there public transportation in Gainesville FL?

RTS provides public transportation covering most of Gainesville with frequent stops on bus routes throughout campus. It is a free benefit of employment with a Gator1 Card. For route information, please visit A real-time GPS locator for buses is also available at

Does Gainesville have public transportation?

Hall Area Transit is a public transportation system that has served the City of Gainesville and Hall County since 1983. Its mission is to provide efficient, effective and affordable public transportation that will allow riders to access: Government Offices.

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Where is my bus Albuquerque?

How to Use Where’s My Bus

  • Visit the Where’s My Bus website.
  • Select the route that you want to track.
  • Watch the bus icons move with the bus in real time.

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