What do I do if I miss my Greyhound bus?

As long as you have a ticket, you’ll be able to get on a bus that will get you there. Bring your eticket and the bus driver (who will check your ticket) will let you on the bus. You don’t need to do an exchange.

Can I get a refund if I miss my Greyhound bus?

yes You’ve only used one half of a round-trip ticket ( when the outbound OR return part of the ticket is completely unused, you’ll get the unused half of the ticket refunded ). no The bus is late (unfortunately, things like traffic, weather and mechanical problems mean we can ‘t guarantee our arrival or departure times).

What happens if you miss your Greyhound transfer?

You and your fellow passengers will be picked up by the next bus that has open seats. Most connections will occur in the larger regional bus terminals, so that means eventually, there will be a bus and a driver to pick you up and continue you on your journey.

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Can you reschedule Greyhound bus tickets?

If you bought a Flexible fare you can refund or exchange your ticket for free. You need to make the exchange or refund request before the travel date of your original ticket. With all other fare types, your ticket is non-refundable but you can still change it for a $20 fee prior to your scheduled departure date.

Can you ride Greyhound without ID?

Do I need an ID to board my bus? Yes, Greyhound requires you to present an ID to an agent to board the bus. Make sure you have identification issued by a government agency that meets the carrier’s requirements.

Do Greyhound check bags?

They check your bags, but only carry on. If they have reason to think drugs or something suspicious is being transported then they bring in dogs and actual police.

Do Greyhound tickets expire?

Free Trip Tickets are valid for a one-way or round-trip fare to any location Greyhound (or participating carriers) serves in the continental U.S. Travel must occur on Greyhound (or participating carriers) schedules only. Road Rewards.

Road Reward Expiration Date
Companion Passes Three (3) months from date awarded

Do Greyhound buses have restrooms?

Yes, there are bathrooms on all Greyhound buses. They are located at the rear of the bus. They are pretty basic and only contain a toilet and hopefully some toilet paper.

How do I get a refund for a Greyhound ticket?

To apply for a refund you’ll need to send us your original ticket along with your refund request, in writing, to: Greyhound Lines, Inc. Before you email us, you can check if you’re eligible for a refund or exchange online. If you have any other questions, please use this form and we’ll get back to you.

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How can I find out if someone is on a Greyhound bus?

Can you track a passenger on Greyhound? You can’t track a a person but you can certainly track the schedule if you know which schedule they are taking, you can track the bus on the bus tracker.

What is a greyhound flexible ticket?

This gives you the chance to switch to an earlier bus (as long as there’s a seat available). Just see an agent on the day you are traveling to check availability and get you re-booked. Get your second bag for free with a Flexible fare. When you get to the station, pick up a free under bus tag from a Greyhound.

How long does it take for Greyhound to refund?

How Long Does Greyhound Refund Take? The refund time can vary, and it can take from four to six weeks. It can take even longer than that, so do not be surprised if you have not received your refund by that time.

Can I change my departure date on Greyhound?

If the passenger is unable to travel on their scheduled departure date, they can contact Greyhound directly at +1 (800) 231-2222 and change their ticket for a $20.00 fee prior to the date of departure. Changes only include the date and time of the trip, not the departure or arrival locations.

How do I contact Greyhound customer service?


How can I refund my redBus ticket?

The refund is provided as per with our cancellation policy. The refund can be credited to the source of payment (Example: debit card, credit card, net banking) or credited to redBus wallet. Wallet credit can be used for bus booking in future (within 6 months of cancellation).

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