How do you pay for Ripta?

Passengers enrolled in this program are issued “Valid Off Peak” photo identification cards. These passengers pay full fare during RIPTA peak service hours (7am-9am and 3pm-6pm) on weekdays. They can also use a Medicare Card to board.

How do you buy Ripta tickets?

Where to Purchase

  1. RIPTA Ticket Window in Kennedy Plaza.
  2. Shaw’s.
  3. Stop & Shop.
  4. Eastside Marketplace.

How much is a Ripta pass?


Cash Fare for Buses & Trolleys $2.00
10 Ride Pass $20.00
Monthly Pass $70.00
RIde/Paratransit $4.00
Reduced Fare Pass $10


How much is a Ripta 10 RIde pass?

$20 for 10 rides, includes transfers. Valid on RIPTA buses & trolleys only. vehicles.

Does Ripta take credit cards?

The new system allows direct fare payment with a variety of contactless credit or debit cards, contactless government benefit cards, contactless ID cards, NFC-enabled phones and other devices.

How do you ride a Ripta?

How to Ride

  1. Get the information you need to reach your destination, including bus route(s), departure and arrival times, and fare information by either:
  2. Once you know when your bus will arrive, look for one of our designated bus stops marked with the RIPTA logo.
  3. Watch for your bus.

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