Which of these buses on a motherboard is the fastest?

The PCI bus connects PCI slots to the southbridge. On most systems, the speed of the PCI bus is 33 MHz. Also compatible with PCI is PCI Express, which is much faster than PCI but is still compatible with current software and operating systems.

What are the two things that ACPI controls?

What are the 2 things that ACPI controls?

  • All MMX chips have a larger internal L1 cache than their non-MMX counterparts.
  • It extends the processor instructions with 57 new commands or instructions.
  • New instruction capability called single instruction, multiple data (SIMD)

Which of the following determines how much data a processor can operate on at one time and how much data is moved around together inside a processor?

Internal Registers (Internal Data Bus) The size of the internal registers indicates how much information the processor can operate on at one time and how it moves data around internally within the chip. This is sometimes also referred to as the internal data bus.

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When you build a computer from parts you usually start by deciding on which one part listed below?

Terms in this set (50) When you build a computer from parts, you usually start by deciding on which processor and motherboard you will use. A FlexATX motherboard is larger than an ATX motherboard. Typically, PGA sockets give better contact than LGA sockets.

How do I know what bus is on my motherboard?

Locate the model number of your computer’s motherboard and search for the manufacturer and model number on the Internet. Detailed specs of the motherboard should include the front-side bus speed, measured in MHz. You can find the memory bus speed, as well.

Which memory is fastest?

  • Fastest memory is cache memory.
  • Registers are temporary memory units that store data and are located in the processor, instead of in RAM, so data can be accessed and stored faster.

How do I know if my ACPI is enabled?


  1. Right click on ‘My Computer’ and select Properties from the context menu.
  2. Select the Hardware tab.
  3. Click the ‘Device Manager’ button.
  4. Expand the Computer object.
  5. Its type will be shown, probably ‘Standard PC’ ( if it says (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface ( ACPI ) PC then ACPI is enabled already)

Can you replace the BIOS?

Yes, it is possible to flash a different BIOS image to a motherboard. Using a BIOS from one motherboard on a different motherboard will almost always result in complete failure of the board (which we call “bricking” it.) Even the smallest of changes in the hardware of the motherboard can lead to catastrophic failure.

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How do I enable ACPI in BIOS?

Press the key for entering BIOS that is indicated in the system’s startup messages. On most computers this is one of the “F” keys, but two other common keys are the “Esc” or “Del” keys. Highlight the “Power Management” option and press “Enter.” Highlight the ” ACPI ” setting, press “Enter,” and select ” Enable.”

What are the 3 types of buses?

Three types of bus are used.

  • Address bus – carries memory addresses from the processor to other components such as primary storage and input/output devices.
  • Data bus – carries the data between the processor and other components.
  • Control bus – carries control signals from the processor to other components.

How many instructions can a 8 gigahertz CPU process?

CPUs can only carry out one instruction at a time.

What determines how quickly CPU works?

Manufacturers label every CPU with a clock speed. This value measures how many process cycles the processor can run per second. Modern processors use gigahertz clock measurements, where 1 GHz represents one billion cycles per second. Between two similarly built CPUs, the one with a higher clock speed will work faster.

What order should I buy PC parts?

Purchase #1) Case, Power Supply, Hard Drives (if not reusing current ones)and any minor components (TV Tuner, Sound Card,, Drive enclosures, Digital displayes, etc). Purchase #2) Motherboard, Memory, CPU Cooler and any other minor items (see above). Purchase #3) CPU and Video Card.

Which motherboard slot should you install a new high end graphics card in?

Graphics Card Install Motherboard PCIe Slot In general, you should install your new high – end graphics card in the latest PCIe ×16 slot.

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Is building a PC hard?

The process of building your own computer can look awfully technical and intimidating. Buying a variety of components and carefully combining them into a finished product seems a bit much, but it’s not as hard as it looks. Building a computer basically involves snapping together premade components.

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